Lexi’s Story

shepherd mixed breed dog sitting politelyMy name is Lexi, and I’m a six-year-old shepherd mix.  I practice mindfulness along with my human.

Everything changed in August 2011 after an earthquake. The vet said I have PTSD and separation anxiety. Quite common, I’m told, among working breeds from shelters. So like a true working breed, I set out to find answers to my questions. And I found out that other dogs had the same questions and I started writing blogs!

There’s some really good resources that my human listed and I’m taking questions from any and all dogs. I want to share what I’ve learned, everything from relaxation exercises to living in the present moment. PTSD and separation anxiety are hard, but it gets better! Trust me – I know. I’ve been there.

Okay, now on with our journey!

Lexi's Story