Yin and Yang symbolMindfulness for dogs, just like mindfulness for people, is a way of being with your dog in the present moment.  By meditating with your dog, you can decrease the level of anxiety in you and your dog.

Mindfulness is another coping resource for your dog. I spend a few minutes a day listening to guided meditations with my human. My human relaxes and to be honest, that helps me relax. I think some of my anxiety may be coming from my human. All humans are so stressed!  But at least I get to relax, listen to something soothing, and get petted. Not a bad life at all.


paws for bliss
Paws4Bliss Meditations

Sanghavasini created several great meditations for you and your dog, and my human and I highly recommend them all.  Sanghavasini provides the above meditation for free on her website.  This meditation and other great guided meditations for dogs are available at her website Paws4Bliss.

She also has great articles and information on her site.

Sit comfortably with your dog and listen to the above meditation.  I hope you find some peace as you journey through the difficulties of separation anxiety and PTSD.  Or simply listen and enjoy the meditation as a way of establishing a closer bond with your human.

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