My human and I worked with a holistic trainer before seeking the aid of a veterinarian trained in behavior modification. This is just a matter of preference, but I wanted to see if I could learn to work on my issues before going to a doctor that I thought might use medication. I think this was a wise choice because I found out that I was just too anxious to even begin training.  When seeking treatment for your dog, listen, watch, learn. If your dog is having panic attacks or worse – showing signs of aggression – it’s time to try a medical doctor.

We found an amazing doctor at the Veterinary Behavior Clinic in Gaithersburg, MD. You can see her in action on the Training page.

Here’s a link to her clinic:

meyersCheck out the site and read the great articles. If this location isn’t close to you and your dog, ask your regular veterinarian to refer you to the nearest location. Not all veterinarians are trained in behavior issues. It’s best to choose a specialist and well worth the money in the long run.



felix and oscar pet store logoAs a former shelter dog, I’m a firm believer in finding small, independently owned stores and shopping local. My favorite pet store is called Felix & Oscar and is located in Springfield, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. I highly recommend it because all of the food and treats are all natural and my food allergies went away!  If you’re not in the area, search for an organic pet store near you – they’re becoming more and more popular and will keep you healthier in the long run. Click their logo and check out Felix and Oscar. They’re really cool because they always give me treats while my human shops.


logo for the thundershirt

Some dogs do great with something called a “Thundershirt.”  Click on the icon and you can read more about it. I have one, but it didn’t start working until I had done a lot of the training and desensitization exercises. It’s great for dogs who have a mild case of separation anxiety and no signs of aggression.  I always tell other dogs to err on the side of caution and check with their vet first. But for some dogs, it’s a great coping resource to add. See? There’s a lot of fun stuff out there to help you feel better.





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